Alex's Wood Projects


This is the homepage of Alex's Wood Projects! AWP was born out my desire to use my hands to make items that people would enjoy. I started out with only the very basics and was soon hooked to the feeling of creating items out of wood! Some time has passed and my tools have been upgraded, but the core of what I do remains unchanged, make items that people will enjoy. I do not  outsource anything I do. It is all done in my single car garage shop with my bare hands. I am proud of the skills I have acquired on this journey and I love to display them in my work.

My favorite thing to make is baby rattles! I have made everything from little bunnies and chicks to Stegosaurus and Pikachu! I like to tell my clients that the only thing holding them back is their imagination, and I genuinely mean it. Koala with a leaf spinner on the inside and a laser engraved face? Done. Elvis Presley inspired vinyl record? No problem. Hippos? Exotic Woods? Hearts? Letters? Lightning Bolts? Football Helmets? It can be done! Of course I do make other small items, such as bottle openers and wine holders. I have experience making everything from picture frames and toy swords all the way up to dinning tables. All my products are finished with plant based, vegan, all natural oil that is food and baby safe. 

Please take a look in the shop or check me out on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest of what I am working on.

You can find all the items I currently have in stock in the store or by clicking here.