1st Blog, 3-12-19

This is my first attempt at a blog. I hope it is successful and you find it helpful. We had a great show at Funky Finds, in Ft Worth, this past weekend. Joe and Jessica really put on a great show. If you are in Ft Worth, November 23-24, please come by Funky Finds. Thank you to all our repeat customers, it was great seeing you again. And thank you to our new customers, please come see us again.  Saturday, March 16, 6-10  PM, we will be at Flea by Night on Discovery Green in Houston. Normally, the Avenida is blocked off, the vendors are set up in front of the George R. Brown, there is a band and food trucks. Come on down!!  Evelina is hard at work sewing more double zip cross body wallets (they sold like crazy), so come see what she has made. Thank you for your support.