Do you really make everything in your shop?

Yes, EVERYTHING in my shop is personally, 100% hand made by me. Sometimes with a little help from my husband.

Where do you get all your material?

The internet is a wonderful place. I buy a lot of my material on line. Sometimes I design it myself, most of the time I buy what I like. I visit fabric stores whenever I go to a new city. I also find vintage fabric in the strangest places.  I try to incorporate and up cycle upholstery samples, t-shirts, etc.  I try not to waste anything. 

How do you care for your quilts?

My quilts are made to use!  So, when they are ready for the laundry, wash them on gentle or cold wash/cold rinse. I use unscented Woolite and unscented fabric softener. You can machine dry or hang on the line. 

Why don't you make queen/king size quilts?

My full size quilts are in the 60"W X 80"L range. I find this size and price fit most people. If I made a king size quilt, I would have to triple my price, at least. Also, my quilts are made to use, so you can just throw them in the washer.  You can't necessarily do that with a king size quilt. 

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, talk to me about what you would like made. I am always up for a challenge.

Do you make T-Shirt quilts?

I have someone I can recommend.